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Empowering the visually impaired

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User research, UX design, Product Design


Illustrator, Photoshop, 3DS Max, After Effects, Arduino


Questionnaires, think-aloud testing, interviews, secondary research, personas, sketching, affinity diagramming, storyboarding


Tack-tiles are a smart device that aims to assist people with visual impairments to safely navigate and use pedestrian crossings. It is embedded into the pavement at the start of crossings and detects oncoming traffic which it alerts pedestrians to through haptic vibrations and audio cues.


Design Brief

This was a design that I worked on as part of a group project that I completed at Sydney University. We were tasked with creating a product that would empower disadvantaged or marginalised communities. We had to respond to this design brief by creating a prototype that was interactive, for use in a public space and provided relevant information about the location that they were situated in.



Haptic Feedback

We have designed a system that converts traffic activity into distinct vibration-based feedback to help you cross roads a lot more safely and easily.

Visual indicators

LED lights are visible on the top of the device to help guide people looking down at their phones.

Audio Feedback

Our tiles also give audio feedback that provides another level of reassurance when figuring out when to cross.